Polymake.jl 0.4 has been released

Polymake.jl 0.4 has been released!

Since we’re upgrading to support CxxWrap.jl 0.10.1, we decided to bump the major version to force compilation of libpolymake against libcxxwrap-julia. The release has been somewhat hastened by the need for Oscar.jl jointly working with the newest CxxWrap.jl, so expect 0.4.1 and later minor versions rather heavy in added features :).

Note: We’re tracking the version of libcxxwrap-julia used, so that we can warn you whenever executing import Pkg; Pkg.build("Polymake") is necessary, but some of the cases might have slipped us. If you experience crashes while using Polymake try:

Below you can find a summary of the major changes and design decision we have taken in the development of Polymake.jl.

Happy coding,
on behalf of the polymake Team,

Changes between Polymake.jl 0.3 and 0.4

Library updates

New features

Fixed notable bugs

Known Bugs:

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