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OSCAR Computer Algebra System

The OSCAR project develops a comprehensive Open Source Computer Algebra Research system for computations in algebra, geometry, and number theory, written in Julia. In particular, the emphasis is on supporting complex computations which require a high level of integration of tools from different mathematical areas.

The project builds on and extends the four cornerstone systems

as well as further libraries and packages, which are tied together using the Julia language into the Oscar.jl Julia package.

The development of OSCAR is supported by the Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft DFG within the Collaborative Research Center TRR 195.

See the About page for more information.

Getting started

For examples, see the Examples page, where pre-rendered notebooks showcase selected things the software developed in the OSCAR project can already do.

If you wish to contribute to the OSCAR development, see the Installation page for instructions on how to install it, and also check out our community page.

Note that OSCAR has not reached a first public release yet, and its parts should be treated as a technology preview. See the News page for announcements about OSCAR development.

Get in touch

A great place to ask questions about OSCAR and discuss all aspects of it is via Slack – click here to join it. Please check out the community page for further ways to get in touch with us.

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