Oscar.jl 0.1.0 and Singular.jl 0.1.0 released

Today, as mandated by our various funding sources, I tagged Singular.jl v0.1.0 and registered it as an official Julia package and tagged the Oscar.jl v0.1.0 release.

There is a mandatory waiting period of three days for new Julia packages, so I expect everything to be usable before Christmas.

To install Oscar.jl:

using Pkg

We have begun the user documentation project:


Note that although a majority of Oscar is installed using binaries, there are still some unavoidable dependencies to install Oscar:

Congratulations everyone on this significant technical milestone.

Let us just remind ourselves of what we’ve achieved in this technical release:

Thanks everyone for a year of hard work, and I look forward to us building on this first technical release with ever more improvements to usability, reductions in startup time, mathematical features and examples, documentation, test code, low and high level integration, parallelism, etc.

Starting in the new year, we intend to make new Oscar releases in a more regular fashion, depending on various technical challenges and manpower.

Seasons Greetings,

The Oscar Development Team.

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