Polymake release 3.4 and Polymake.jl release 0.1.0

This is to announce the release of polymake 3.4, which is actually available since 15 April. So you will find it already in some of the quicker Linux distributions such as arch.

While this is mainly a technical release with numerous fixes and improvements (see also the updated documentation at polymake.org), there are several new features. Let me highlight one:

Most importantly for the OSCAR project, however, is the deepened coordination with ongoing Julia development. In particular, I am very, very happy to announce

This is a new generic interface from Julia to polymake, which provides almost all of our functions (save visualization). As its key feature it lives entirely in the Julia world, i.e., you can start any (recent) Julia, then ‘add Polymake.jl’ and ‘using Polymake.jl’, and you are good to go. Probably the easiest way ever to get polymake running on your computer.

A big thanks to the Polymake.jl developers Sebastian Gutsche, Marek Kaluba and Sascha Timme, who put this together with a bit of help by Benjamin Lorenz.

As far as the further development is concerned, polymake shifted to a 3 month release cycle. So the next version 3.5 will be ready in mid-July. The plan is to always update the Polymake.jl version one week after the new polymake release. So they will stay in sync.

Happy polymaking!

Michael Joswig and the polymake team

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