GAP.jl 0.1.0 released

After a major restructuring of GAPJulia (our GAP-Julia integration part) it is now a Julia package, named GAP.jl, which means it can be installed via

] add

This downloads and compiles a recent version of GAP (currently the master branch, we can hopefully set it to a stable branch soon) together with all GAP packages. Loading GAP into Julia is now done via

using GAP

This will make all current interface functionality available to Julia, including the possibility to access all GAP GVars (global variables and functions) and several conversion functions.

Furthermore, adding the package to your Julia will place a start script in your ~/.julia folder, which can be used to execute the GAP that was installed with the package.

For those who prefer their own compiled version of GAP, if the environment variable GAPROOT is set to this GAP’s root dir during the modules build process, Julia will automatically compile the module against this GAP, and also load it when using GAP. Of course, this GAP then needs to be compiled with the Julia garbage collector.

We have also adjusted the travis tests to check against Julia 1.1 and nightly, both with custom GAP and compiled by Julia.

If you are interested in the work that was done for it, you can find it here.

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